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Entry #24

My Music?!

3/28/14 by keepwalking
Updated 3/28/14

If you didnt notice, recently I have been uploading my ultimate cinematic music pieces to Newgrounds audio portal

"wait a minute, are you a musician?"- you would probably say.

I dont know, I guess that depends on you, I just like multiple types of art, and music is one of them. I invite you to comment, vote and listen to this musical pieces, and of course use them for your personal projects, I will be more than happy to know I helped you to make yours :)

In the end I am going to release 10 different tracks for different cinematic situations, and all of them are going to be available for free. I always struggled to find the correct cinematic ambience for my movies, and got really frustrated when I couldnt find what I needed. Now I have the chance to change that.

hope you enjoy this as much as I do :)

KeepWalking singing out...



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How did i get here? I was doing some clicking and ended up here. Cool a musician.




Your music was so relaxing. It just like a melody for baby. Sorry to say that :3

I have loved them so far. You have one new follower. Keep it up





Can also you do heart surgery?



=) very relaxing pieces



Hate to break this, but they aren't cinematic music. They just don't have the feels close to being cinematic. Classical is more close.

3/28/14 keepwalking responds:

whatever fits your cup of tea :)



HA! but are you good at being bad?
what? you are? well damn... you are good at everything!

You can draw, you can compose, you make me soooo envy, man ;)

I listened and voted on your submissions the last few days and I like them so far. When your track list is complete, I'm sure I listen to it while writing, it's spherical and inspiring.
Reminds me a bit of Michael Land and his work (composer of the OGST for "The Dig", Lucas Arts).