Prime Publishing, Card Game, New showreel!

2012-08-18 21:49:00 by keepwalking

Sup Newgrounds!,
Im giving you guys a quick update about a couple of things that happened during these last weeks.
Starting with the prime publishing, as the title says, 2 of my works were selected to be part of this incredible book of digital works. Its trully an honor to be part of such an amazing group of artist around the world, and also to share my works with so many people like this. The works choosen are Drone 42 and Illuminate my soul. The book is still not out, but I will let you know how and when you can get it.
Related to this is the next news, wich is a bout a card game called Prime Wars. This game will include many of the selected works of the next prime publishing. One of my works was choosen to be part of this card game aswell, so if you are expecting to get the card set anytime soon you will have one of my robots as a mech in the game!. You can check everything related to the game, and even support it here: rime-wars

I decided to update my showreel, becuase the last one was way too old, and didn't show anything I am currently doing, so I took the chance to give it a new and fresh look

/* */
Im preparing something new for the next robot day, It will take 1 year of hard working aniation, but it will be worth the effort.

New works are coming, so stay tuned!!

Hope you guys enjoy the warming sun... ;)


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2012-08-18 22:36:16

Gratz bro


2012-08-18 23:15:21

Gotta say that your work is some really sweet stuff. You have talent and I appreciate your art and animation efforts that you have shared here, because your work one of the reasons I come to Newgrounds: quality material by artists of many kinds in different forms and styles.


2012-08-19 06:25:26

Always proud to see a NG member produce so well :3


2012-08-19 22:53:56

Congrats man, your work is definitely inspirational. keep it up

keepwalking responds:

Thanks man :)
btw, your last movie was trully mindblowing!
Awesome job!