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keepwalking's News

Posted by keepwalking - January 7th, 2021


For those who would like to support more upcoming illustrations you can now tip whatever you want on my patreon. Whith this method I plan to get some moral boost and spend more time doing artworks. You will also be able to suggest new ideas and engage in the whole creation process if you like.

Depending on how much engagement I have I may upload more content in the future.



Posted by keepwalking - October 2nd, 2020

Robots will be coming...stay tunned!



Posted by keepwalking - September 8th, 2020

Newgrounds Responsive Skin version 0.2.1 available!

For those not familiar about this skin or how to use it , please read my previous post

If you dont like an update roll back to a previous version.

How to install:

Click the stylus icon next to the adress bar (if you dont see it click the puzzle-piece-like icon in chrome and pin the app so it appears next to your other apps) then hit "administrate"(a new window will appear), then click "import" (at the bottom left) and select the .json file from the .rar you downloaded.


Skin File

ver 0.2.1a

Adds updates to:

-profile pages (experimental, still in development)

-audio portal

-submission pages



-search pod


-Includes google font as a universal typography.

Minor bugfixes

Added compatibilpity for resolutions lower than 1150px

Some screenshots of the v0.2.1








Posted by keepwalking - August 31st, 2020

Ive been playing around with Newgrounds css styling for a couple of days so far, and what started as a time killer ended up as an ongoing project. Although it's far from perfect, this code will aim to improve Newgrounds experience by adding responsive properties to its structure, this basicaly means that the site will try to adapt to your screen size as much as possible instead of being fixed on a single spot in the middle. I also decided to "clean" some elements by giving them some css beautification such as gradients, borders and box shadows.

How to install:

Click the stylus icon next to the adress bar (if you dont see it click the puzzle-piece-like icon in chrome and pin the app so it appears next to your other apps) then hit "administrate"(a new window will appear), then click "import" (at the bottom left) and select the .json file from the .rar you downloaded.

Everything you need to know is on the readme.txt file, but for the sake of it I am adding it here as well:

1-This code is not meant to be comercialized by any chance. 

2-You are free to add your own customized code to the file in question.

3-This file will act over the default code of newgrounds.com, and will only work as long as the content maintains its structural clases and id's for their corresponding grid element.

4-This code needs a 3rd party browser extention to work.

you can choose from a great variety of them, but I suggest you use Stylus, since its the one I used to craft the code.

5-You make the skin work by clicking on the Stylus(for example) app icon and hitting the "administrate" button, then Import the file and you should be good to go.

6-This should never give you performance issues while browsing the site.

7-This does not inject javascript code whatsoever.

8-This is an alpha version sort of thing, so expect minor bugs here and there, but nothing important. I made sure to avoid having major visual bugs by doing some basic Quality Assurance.

9-If you find bugs or would like to recommend fixes/ideas, PM me.

10- The sole purpose of this skin is to improve Newgrounds experience and navigation.


Skin File

Here are some screenshots of the skin working at 1920 x 1080:




All feedback is appreciated!




Posted by keepwalking - June 28th, 2020

12 years ago I joined this website just with the intention of being able to score and review flash movies and games. It later became a window for me to create my own works, and share them with the rest of the community. Its been a long time since I first submited my very first works to the platform, many of them which had questionable quality, but it in the end it was all for the sake of art and experimentation, and thats what NG was for me and many others during the golden age of the website.

To create something funny/artistic or just plain awesome and share it with the world. It was so much fun. It was everything by everyone. And everyone loved it.

Things have changed now, and unfortunately, many of them are not for the best. Flash is about to become extinct as a playable format, Youtube became a new brodcast entretaining monster, games on Steam becoming cheaper and accesible, mobas breaking each month the their player base records, and a massive artist migration that left Newgrounds in search for better ad revenue were some of the major things happening at the moment. The aftermath was felt like the remanents of a star that had just exploded...

I was there to see everything, and I was still no one to be recognized or to have contributed in any particular way to stand out. Until the art portal came out. It was a before and after kind of thing that will always remember. I was already doing ok on deviantArt, so I thought I didnt need to try again on another platform, but I still gave it a shot.

I will never forget the people in awe from seeing my fisrt works. It was such a fantastic feeling. Such memorable moments will remain in my mind forever.

Today things are still changing, Youtube although being the media monster it is, is no longer the friendly advertising platform, and html5 video is thriving as the solution for many problems flash already had. Unity also became the first to go software for game developers, and it opened endless opportunities for talented newcomers. Newgrounds became stable again with a small but more solid community, by using the supporter membership, and things started to look nice again.

As for me, well, I am still the same, I do art for the simple yet meaningfull reason of just enjoying it. And I plant to continue doing it as long as I am alive in this world. I am not making a living out of this. And sometimes it feels frustrating. But in the end its for my own happines. With porn becoming more accessible on the internet it is now the new way-to-go for artist to generate profit, and let me tell you there has never been a time that I wanted more to stay away from the artistic scenery. Regardless of the reason any artist would fall into this subject, I will not judge. I still decided not to fall into it, to be true to myself, because I believe, that in the end, this is the main reason you still follow my works.

You guys are ultimately the ones that push me every day to publish a new artwork and think of new ideas. And you have all my gratitude and appreciation for being always on the other side.

Congrats on being 4k. You are all awesome.

Thank you.




Posted by keepwalking - January 9th, 2020

Newbie musician is in need of help!

Ive been struggling to configure right my new mic and audio setup with no success whatsoever. I bought an AT 2020 and a Newer powersource. No matter what I try the mic doesnt respond. Is this a powersource issue, or maybe I have wrong cables?

For anyone knowing the answer to this mess, If you help me sort this out, you win a free comission. Im serious.iu_84502_2303835.jpg

Posted by keepwalking - August 4th, 2019

Following up from my previous journal where I explained the reasons for being so disconected lately. I am now slowly returning to draw and paint more and more. I hope seeing you around on my next works.

Your words and kindness have been super important to me. and I will always be gratefull to those who sent them.

Thank you all.

and thanks specially to my GF.


Posted by keepwalking - July 10th, 2018

Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing well. I thought I may express some words with you

During the last years of my life I experienced a roller coaster of events that changed my life for ever, some of them good, but most of them bad. The last ones have to to do with extreme anxiety peaks, similar to epillepsy episodes, but with  a different type of trigger in my mind, making me unable to walk, speak, or even stand up, causing vomiting, nausea and respiratory insufficiency (eventually making me faint), The impact of such events were so hard on me that they deteriorated my health to the point of being hevily medicated for indefinite time. However that doesnt mean that my symptoms dissappeared. they are just barely controlled. and this takes me to the point of this post.

Due to all previously mentioned, Ive been unable to make art again.

I tried several times to recover the rythm of production I used to have back when I started in 2012 but without success. 

Every time I tried, my mind collapsed and all symptoms were there again to strike back again and again.

Being unable to recover such rythm I ended up loosing comunication with all my clients and had to abandon every project I was involved in. Which destroyed my reputation as a reliable artist and project partner, not to mention friends and co-workers.

Not having any other choice I abandoned the slightest possibility of making any form of art again and focused 100% on my full time job which is web development, so I am now working as a full time programer in a company.

I had to abandon my dream of working as an artist. It was hard, and it still is.

But I have not givven up.

Despite the odds you will still see me upload 1 or 2 works per year. Like a little flame that refuses to die from a storm.

I know its not much.

I know its dissapointing.

But its all I can do.

And for that I appologize and thank to all my old and new followers. I know you would have expected more from me, but these hard times are beating me up. Still my wonderfull girlfriend keeps up with me and supports me with so much love. It is one of the things that helps me move forward.

So again, thanks, and sorry.



Posted by keepwalking - March 1st, 2016

The title says it all. First I would like to thank everyone who commented or just even read my words on my last journal, I went through dificult times at that moment and you were all there to cheere me up. I sincerelly give you my gratitude for sending such a huge amount of support and kind words, my creative senses went back to normal and I am more inspired than ever.

With such mood I am planing to create a background pack for movies. These would be free and will be available ffor anyone who decides to use them in their future movies, or games. The point of these is to give quality assets for animators and programers who cant afford the cost of hiring a concept artist or dont even have the time for doing them. The only thing I would ask in return for them would be credit. I imagined adding a donation button on my website if anyone wants to keep supporting these kind of things but I am not sure if there would be enough hype about it. 

Please let me know on the coments! :)

Posted by keepwalking - January 11th, 2016

Fanart or not fanart?

A question that I have already made myself more than once, and in the past this question got answered many years ago when I reached  a point where I could turn my own ideas into something real and tangible after years of copying what others do in order to learn the basics, or something more advanced. Eventually I decided to stop making fanart just because it seemed meaningless since I prefeered doing what I have in my mind, it feels good, it is very satisfiyng, and it gives your work a lot of meaning. But this question recently came to my mind several times during the past year. I came to a a conclusion people doesn't seem to be intrested anymore in original ideas or hidden messages, or imaginary worlds and charachters. Simple and straightforward fanart is what people search for (at least most of them). Everytime I go to check out a global art gallery (artstation, deviantart, behance, newgrounds aswell) its 90% fanart with 50% of them being adult content, so I feel there is no point in sharing my work anymore if there is no intrest at all. I put my soul on every single work and I share it as a gift to all of you, but without intrest, sharing becomes meaningless...This could result in me just posting fewer works and only on my personal website.

I will take this as a moment to rethink my position as an artist and see if I head to new horizons in the feature.

If you wish to leave coments please do so, Those who have been following me are the engine of my soul, and always pushed me to create new stuff. :)