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The title says it all. First I would like to thank everyone who commented or just even read my words on my last journal, I went through dificult times at that moment and you were all there to cheere me up. I sincerelly give you my gratitude for sending such a huge amount of support and kind words, my creative senses went back to normal and I am more inspired than ever.

With such mood I am planing to create a background pack for movies. These would be free and will be available ffor anyone who decides to use them in their future movies, or games. The point of these is to give quality assets for animators and programers who cant afford the cost of hiring a concept artist or dont even have the time for doing them. The only thing I would ask in return for them would be credit. I imagined adding a donation button on my website if anyone wants to keep supporting these kind of things but I am not sure if there would be enough hype about it. 

Please let me know on the coments! :)

Not uploading content for some time...

2016-01-11 15:43:24 by keepwalking

Fanart or not fanart?

A question that I have already made myself more than once, and in the past this question got answered many years ago when I reached  a point where I could turn my own ideas into something real and tangible after years of copying what others do in order to learn the basics, or something more advanced. Eventually I decided to stop making fanart just because it seemed meaningless since I prefeered doing what I have in my mind, it feels good, it is very satisfiyng, and it gives your work a lot of meaning. But this question recently came to my mind several times during the past year. I came to a a conclusion people doesn't seem to be intrested anymore in original ideas or hidden messages, or imaginary worlds and charachters. Simple and straightforward fanart is what people search for (at least most of them). Everytime I go to check out a global art gallery (artstation, deviantart, behance, newgrounds aswell) its 90% fanart with 50% of them being adult content, so I feel there is no point in sharing my work anymore if there is no intrest at all. I put my soul on every single work and I share it as a gift to all of you, but without intrest, sharing becomes meaningless...This could result in me just posting fewer works and only on my personal website.

I will take this as a moment to rethink my position as an artist and see if I head to new horizons in the feature.

If you wish to leave coments please do so, Those who have been following me are the engine of my soul, and always pushed me to create new stuff. :)

Need voice actor/actress & musicians for collaboration

2015-05-06 08:03:35 by keepwalking

I am making a huge animation with the help of @HowardWimshurst (go check him out). I am directing and making the main keyframe animation, and also doing the backgrounds, while he is doing the inbetweening and coloring (the hardest stuff).  I am in need of talented voice actors/actress who will like to collaborate with us, we are doing this for the love of art, and specially to learn and have fun, so there are no deadlines. The only rule is to be open minded and follow my advices and suggestions for corrections and such.

If you wish to participate, please leave a comment down here, and leave a link to your demo/porfolio (also by PM)

here is a preview of what you are going to work on:

non finihsed yet...


Streaming now !!

2015-04-03 19:39:43 by keepwalking

Streaming now :)

show your support by subscribing to my livestream channel, or by just commenting there! :)

hope you enjoy! ^_^

Robot Envy Featured artist

2015-03-16 04:42:32 by keepwalking


As u guys can appreciate, I have been featured as an artist in the next Robot Envy book called Zenith!.This book needs your support to be published, so If you want to support the cause use this link:



Broadcasting now

2015-03-11 23:29:42 by keepwalking

I am broadcasting live at come and check it out!

Looking forward to comments and questions ^^


Hope you have fun!


Stay around for this week daily livestream. Join again 11 pm ( GMT -3:00)


Music? (including bad guitar covers)
Games? (please dont)
Nude Pics? (oh well)
Hentai (srsly you will all get fat from it)
Fanart (same as above)

Share your thoughts :v

My Music?!

2014-03-28 14:06:52 by keepwalking

If you didnt notice, recently I have been uploading my ultimate cinematic music pieces to Newgrounds audio portal

"wait a minute, are you a musician?"- you would probably say.

I dont know, I guess that depends on you, I just like multiple types of art, and music is one of them. I invite you to comment, vote and listen to this musical pieces, and of course use them for your personal projects, I will be more than happy to know I helped you to make yours :)

In the end I am going to release 10 different tracks for different cinematic situations, and all of them are going to be available for free. I always struggled to find the correct cinematic ambience for my movies, and got really frustrated when I couldnt find what I needed. Now I have the chance to change that.

hope you enjoy this as much as I do :)

KeepWalking singing out...


When was when I decided to go back to animation...

When was that I thrusted my skills enough to try again...

I dont know.

but I am having fun... :D

I am more confident than ever to take my animation skills to the next level, but not without some help, I am a frame by frame animator from birth and that will never change, the fact is that this style requires a lot of frame coloring and edition. By myself I could do this in 3 months but with your help in 2 weeks or less. If there is anyone intrested in joining the project, then welcome aboard!. Rules are: no deadlines, self compromise, and have fun.

Writers, In-Betweeners, voice actors, editors, all of you are welcome.

I dont get paid for this, so dont ask if there will be any money, cause there wont be (but I would pay you if I could).

If you want to know wich sort of project this is, refeer to the video below:  

Love you guys.


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