2012-09-10 23:55:23 by keepwalking

I was recently interviewed by The-Great-One.! :)
Check the interview HERE
Hope you guys enjoy it.


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2012-09-11 01:31:41

I did enjoy the interview. Seems kinda petty to bring up, but the background image of the city you made for Newgrounds main page, isn't in your Art section.. is it? I only have a 4:3 screen and can't really see it all and in detail :(

keepwalking responds:

No it isn't in my gallery. I didn't post it becausee I wanted to keep it as something special from newgrounds. Still I could upload a low ress version eventually...


2012-09-30 01:14:05

So imagine my surprise when i find out some of my favorite wallpapers are from you! the internet works in mysterious ways doesnt it :)


2013-02-15 16:59:47

can I just say fuck your luminence made me cry ;____; loved it though IM TOO SOFT


2013-03-25 15:37:49

hey can you post your palettes you use for drawing those pictures somewhere? I'd really like to get an idea, how you can bring emotion into a picture. I'm pretty decent at linework and black white drawings but when it comes to colors i begin to suck. Too bright, too much contrast, discrepancy in color choice etc etc.