It's request time!

2013-03-30 16:51:35 by keepwalking

I am in a verry good mood and I want to know some cool ideas sooooo.....
I will take 1 request, and only one, throw your best idea for an artwork, it can be a charachter or a scenery.
The best idea wins. :)

NOTE: if you ask for a goat eating grass next to a satue of your mom the probability of winning is -457


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2013-03-30 17:03:09

Your illustrations are already so inspired It is hard to come up with something.. I'd probably like to see your take on a small cluttered interior like the room of a messy person with lots of small details in it since you mostly draw wide open spaces with huge things in it.

keepwalking responds:

cool idea, I used to draw small spaces like rooms, but traditionaly with pencil :)


2013-03-30 17:06:10

Mmmh, looking at your art, it seems you're into robotic/armored stuff.
How about trying something different and drawing, i don't know, a furry creature ?


2013-03-30 17:06:24

Draw some kind of hivemind made up of many many smaller organisms. For a challenge, don't make it metallic or anything, make it based on tentacly aliens... or insects... or spiders... or small tree critters


2013-03-30 17:19:15

I think it would be amazing to see your take on a large underground steampunk city.


2013-03-30 17:25:29

An epic scene where Minotaur and Medusa are in the middle of the battle in a cave or something, Minotaur grabs Medusa by the throat but Medusa, while screaming, uses her eyes to turn Minotaur into stone. So basically Minotaur dies because he turned into stone and Medusa suffocate because Minotaur is still holding her by the throat while being a stone.


2013-03-30 18:09:08

How about a little robot dude standing pathetically alone in a desert area looking over at a giant robot off in the distance. As if it feels intimidated by it.


2013-03-30 18:09:11

How about Iron Man riding a surfboard made of children's corpses on a massive wave in the River Styx? Also, his hand is doing the shaka (hang-loose symbol).


2013-03-30 18:14:21

I always enjoy your massive mechs so why not let one of these fight a kind of dinosaur or other giant monster. As an hommage to old Godzilla and other B-monster-movies.


2013-03-30 18:16:22

Hello my name is Blaze Mulryan and I have been a member of newgrounds for many years. I post music that I am very deeply involved in and each tune is accompanied by a short story. I have always envisioned an artist putting his own spin on any aspect of the story. After reviewing your work, it did come to mind that you would be an amazing candidate and this request for requests may be the perfect time to throw my hand up at you. The stories can be read at in the descriptions of the musical pieces posted here.


2013-03-30 18:18:32

superman grabbing a beaten batman with his face and is ready to punch him to the stomach


2013-03-30 18:19:42

in a completly destroyed gotham city


2013-03-30 18:24:57

A coral-like giant with hands outstretched as it rises out of sand(perhaps a dried up ancient sea), with people attempting to tie it down, or climbing about it's many clefts and hollows.


2013-03-30 18:43:31

Draw an original character next to a already made character


2013-03-30 19:46:29

Draw a large robot nautilus-like creature that has been damaged from the cruel hand of war.

keepwalking responds:

taking notes...


2013-03-30 20:03:31

An archer, sliding down a pipe while firing at a hunched-over, muddy, humanoid monster. (In the sewers.) {Colour scheme: black, green, brown.}

Or, an ice-climber hanging on one pick on the side of a glacier as a massive icy wurm breaks through to his side. {Colour scheme: white, light grey, light blue.

keepwalking responds:

very intresting....


2013-03-30 22:44:03

Cool! OK.

Seen slightly from the side, an elderly couple is peering out the top window of a skyscraper. You can just barely see their faces. Their expressions are inscrutable. Out the window, you can see that the building rests on a small snow-covered island; the skyscraper is so tall that from this angle you can just barely make out the curvature of the earth. The cold ocean stretches in every direction. The room is gray and bare.


2013-03-30 23:13:32

shadow of collosus fight


2013-03-31 00:39:41

can I be selfish and ask you to draw my MindChamber robut <:C

keepwalking responds:

yes, yes you can :D


2013-03-31 01:00:37

Perhaps you could draw a picture of sprawling forest with a small flock of birds in the right corner fling to the right with a fairly large war based robot of some sort going through the forest?


2013-03-31 01:00:45

Perhaps you could draw a picture of sprawling forest with a small flock of birds in the right corner fling to the right with a fairly large war based robot of some sort going through the forest?


2013-03-31 01:08:09

One thought I have right off the top of my head would be a space theme; a more specific suggestion would be to have a spaceship (perhaps associate it with Drone 42) in a high polar orbit around Saturn with the sun, the stars and a comet (or other space features or material) in the background.

Another thought would be a forest in bright summer scene, with a tall Elm with many spread out limbs as the main feature, perhaps with some sort of waterway nearby.


2013-03-31 02:02:01

In a faraway time, a team of archaeologists slowly uncover a row of 20th-century American sky-scrapers buried deep within the snowy arctic dunes.


2013-03-31 02:14:54

A cheese steak.


2013-03-31 07:25:18

The mountaintop has a very nice view of the metropolis down below, as the sun shines you can see it gleaming off the modernized buildings and everyday events showcasing groundbreaking technologies, though thats not why I love the mountain, the day the sky fell as the clouds parted and what looked like the moons themselves descending on the city with a rain of fire, I had the perfect view to watch it all happen, and to survive. (Thin old man with torn up clothing and a beard standing on the edge of a cliff with his grandchildren looking down on the ruins of a long gone era with that which ended it still hanging in the sky as a constant reminder)


2013-03-31 09:21:17

Can I be selfish and ask you to draw me as a doctor from doctor who?
In front of the Tardis in fancy clothing?
I'll send you a pic if you decide to do my request, but you probably won't.


2013-03-31 11:17:23

How about an industrial city that is under siege by futuristic ships that fil the sky while thousand flee the carnage.


2013-03-31 12:41:25

Make the sandwich and bagel king from sandwich vs bagel ;3


2013-03-31 13:35:37

Draw desolation. Bonus points if you can draw desolation with a lot of people (humanoids) in the picture.


2013-03-31 13:53:45

I'd like to revise my request and second deathink's instead. Thank you.


2013-03-31 15:29:22

draw your version of angry faic


2013-03-31 15:59:54

A titan made of metal resting on the floor in a deep ocean. He is sit and he carries some floors of a building ( Early XX's NY buildings-like) under his arm as if he tried to save something. As if before this place become a sea, it was an attempt of a safe place.


2013-03-31 17:40:20

You should make a steampunk kinght protecting a city from an attack with a titan..


2013-03-31 18:17:19

You know, you haven't done any Space Art in a long time. I'd like it if you make like a black hole swallowing a sun or something.


2013-04-01 00:45:52

Just a side-in: I LOVE ALL OF YOUR WORK. ahem.

Okay, my request is I would like you to make the biggest, baddest, most climatic, epicest, robot mech battle/war scene you've ever drawn. Make it colorful too!


2013-04-01 04:43:30

A clockwork landscape, with a little village with clockwork people, all stopping to stare at the horizon, where a shadowy humanoid "giant" is approaching. :)


2013-04-04 18:26:03

I feel a fleet of ships leaving a planet, the surface burning bright red as the surface of it has been destroyed from a meteorite or the likes. One of the ships is closer, the ship window just barly facing towards the planet with a faint blue shimmer distorting the mass of greys and blue clothing, with one girl pressing her face against the window, bright red or pink colors and her curious face standing out as she watches the planets burn.

I always love big pictures depicting events that change a peoples history forever happening, and this sounded about right. Outstanding art by the way keep it up.


2013-04-05 01:29:22

Link and Zelda bladefighting a dual-wielding Ganon.


2013-04-06 13:00:04

There's a robot lying dead, covered in rust and decaying. There's been a war going on between robots and golems, both are massive creatures bigger than any house. They knew that fighting on their own planet would lead to it being destroyed, so they brought their war to a planet inhabited by creatures the size of people (not humans). All the creatures are fleeing the planet to avoid being butchered and to escape the desolation of the war.


2013-04-21 14:54:02

50 story tall mech that has another 50 story mech in a head lock on a desolate landscape with a dying city in the distance.


2013-05-03 18:40:10

Make your own original character in any era. Why have others dictate what you should do?


2013-05-19 19:49:34

MM how about a armored warrior type girl in the head of a tall biomechanical titan . and the robot is grabing some rock and seeing it with curiosity.


2013-05-26 23:58:17

Do something from the anime Attack on Titan.


2013-06-11 17:15:43

An epic scene of a Chimera and a Hydra fighting in a modern city in ruins. (Sort of Ancient Greek Mythology come to life in modern times)


2013-06-20 13:40:11

A man made entirely out of black, shadowy smoke with glowing red eyes, emerging from some kinda... dark place...


2013-07-01 14:00:23

a dinosaur


2013-07-06 19:02:38

Maybe,Something like a post-apocalyptic world,with a survivor Looking into the barren wasteland of a city on top of a building or mountain with a color scheme of green brown black 'N all dat.


2013-07-25 20:36:16

Set at medieval time were a warrior is fighting a large mech.


2013-07-31 13:02:09

The idea is of a harbor town, where there is no land in sight, only a town suspended above the waters. Wood and metal support the place; large wooden pilings uphold it against the harsh wake down below. There are cloths and sails strum all about the city to give it an organic port town feel to it. The town has three levels to it; and from afar you can see the contrast from the marble buildings in high grounds of the town as a bleary white that out shines the wooden shacks of the low grounds. At the north most end of the high grounds is a building shaped like a thin knife pointing straight up to the sky. People heard rumors that the tower is actually the remains of an ancient sea beast with a large horn on his nose. If you ever do stand at the very top of it, you can see the wind being cut in half by its jagged front end, hence the name "Divided Tower".


2013-08-09 19:20:44

A medusa making out with a man she's turned to stone.


2013-08-16 19:39:04

-One vs many while one release inner darkness.
-Falling man/woman hitting the ground and creating crater.