Follow me on Facebook! (finally)

2013-12-11 17:21:39 by keepwalking

Click the like buton on my FB page to check out many updates and cool stuff from wips to final projects. You can also bug me with comments and be more in contact! ;) See you all there!! :D  


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2013-12-11 17:52:35

Facebook got scary, so I split, but hope plenty of others here at NG look you up there!
I'm sure you get this a lot, but are you animating anything new?

keepwalking responds:

No worries!
yes I am :). Im practising with sakuga animation. will be awesome. promise!!


2013-12-12 09:17:17


keepwalking responds:

I feel special


2013-12-12 11:53:40

WHAT only 96 followers!... I'm going to do my best to get your name out there!.

keepwalking responds:

Thanks mr legolass :)


2013-12-12 13:07:57

I love you.

Marry me?


2013-12-12 13:26:39

Well...this page is going to fill up fast. It deserves to, anyway.

Keep up the awe-inspiring artwork, Keepwalking / Facundo. 'Tis the stuff of legend.