Entry #31

Free background pack coming up! + back to painting!

2016-03-01 08:27:22 by keepwalking

The title says it all. First I would like to thank everyone who commented or just even read my words on my last journal, I went through dificult times at that moment and you were all there to cheere me up. I sincerelly give you my gratitude for sending such a huge amount of support and kind words, my creative senses went back to normal and I am more inspired than ever.

With such mood I am planing to create a background pack for movies. These would be free and will be available ffor anyone who decides to use them in their future movies, or games. The point of these is to give quality assets for animators and programers who cant afford the cost of hiring a concept artist or dont even have the time for doing them. The only thing I would ask in return for them would be credit. I imagined adding a donation button on my website if anyone wants to keep supporting these kind of things but I am not sure if there would be enough hype about it. 

Please let me know on the coments! :)


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2016-03-01 14:45:50

Holy bajeebus yes! That's fantastic news Keepwalking, there aren't enough free resources out there for aspiring creators and now you'll be helping to fix that. I'm more than happy that you have decided to 'keepwalking' when it comes to your art and creations. You are truly one of, if not my favorite artist! As for the donations button? SHOW ME THE BUTTON AND YOU CAN HAVE ALL MY MONEY.


2016-03-02 05:08:00

Wow Wow Wow man. I'm currently in the throes of BG agony; this would be kickass to have a couple to ease the pain of painting for this lowly animator lol. I'd imagine they would be BG packs of your major biomes, which would help anyone out. Credit is a no-brainer. Thanks man for such a big contribution, it's quite selfless of you to do so! Will be on the prowl for it!

P.S- If you have a donation button to paypal, I'd gladly donate upon release :D


2016-06-06 13:36:47

Wow that's a great idea man! But I totally think that your backgrounds are too good to give away for free. At least give people an option to pay you if they want to! The response might be surprising

keepwalking responds:

We srsly need to get back in touch man. I am doing the final touches for the animation. Skype me when you can :)


2016-11-01 07:01:40

It's a tad more than a bit late, but I am incredibly pleased you've decided to keep at it. You're easily one of the best epic scale setting creators on this website. I'm always looking forward to your next contribution, so keep on wowing me.