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Great game!

I love it!.
It took me like 4 times to understand the correct method of playing this game, I took too much time cuting trees, and exploring, and I didnt see how much tired, and unhappy I was, wich lead eventually to death. I think that is not only quite realistic, but also chalenging. I had a lot of fun figuring out how to build the fortress while searching for enough food and water at the same time. Perhaps the days before the atack could been increased from 10 to 14. That way I could have build my full house sooner, and not in the 10th day :), and also enjoy even more the game because its more rewarding to see all your buildings out there and be able to use them.
Great art, charachters and music. I would love to see an extended mode with more days.

And guys, I dont think stats decrease fast,...If I could beat it you can do it too, just takes a little bit of effort and thinking... :)

I really like this...

I can see you guys really put a lot of effort into this game. The music is excelent, It helps to keep the mood in the game, the atmosphere Its quite magnificent. The concept is verry good aswell, but could be a lot better. For example, you could develop a hole world of objects for the plataforms rather than rectangular boxes.
There is also a bit of hiden messages behind the kid obstacles...something intresting aswell...
Great game!

Keep up the good work.

CloudEater responds:

Thanks KW. I didn't even notice the hidden message behind the kid obstacles, please inform me!!

the game is good, but

there is a bug at the 4th platform. When I jump, it doesnt matter how close I am to the border, I never reach the other side. Hope you can fix that, Its overal a nice game

Keep it up :)

dont mean to be offensive

but ...all this for a profile?, its not even a game.

I quite like the design and the style, as well as the effort you seem to put there (though the typography is a little bit small) but I dont get the idea of submitting something that has nothing to do with animations or games.

Anyways, just leaving my 2 cents

SchizophrenicSmile responds:

all this just for a profile~<3

I wanted to be unique on the website, and you'll be surprised to see what all sorts of other crazy things other people do for their profiles.

anyways, it doesn't say it's an animation or game, it's a gadget, which means that it's more of like an app of sorts.

I'm terribly sorry it's not your cup of tea, but thank you for reviewing anyway. c:


You put a lot of emotion into this game.
the problem is that there is no way i can replay it.

I just felt asleep on the labs.......

I will love to play it again, but this time wisely :)

amazing game!

the graphics, the music, everything is perfect. It simulates so well dreams!
The only problem is that I cant solve the game, im stuck in the part where I have to play gomgossa, and then I just tryed everithing. I dont know what else to do.... :(

Awesome Game

Just awesome. The only problem is that I just cant win it. Im still on the part where I got out from the jail but need some password. I tryed all...

ImpendingRiot responds:

Keep at it



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