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One of those shorts that quickly engages you with a normal premise that has everything to do with the real world and not with the sweet candy-like stories of movies.
It was a smart choice not to use voice actors. enhances the thoughts going through your mind.

I really enjoy your thoughts on life in general, it seems like every one of us have been dealing with these questions, since I can relate to pretty much all of them. on a side note I love the ilustrations you use for your videos. keeo it up!

you are gonna carry that weight ;)

Great animation. verry good scripting, and good jokes. I simply do not unsderstand why these series won't get more than 4K views.

Love it.
excelent work man

HowardWimshurst responds:

Thanks dude!

I am So thankful for being part of this community, I really appreciate the constant support you guys give. Its an honor to be considered one of the favourite artists next to the talented @deathink, I will remember this in my heart for many many years. Best to all of you! Luv ya all!


ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

aww thank you! :) you deserve it!

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For your information animation is an expresion form of comunicating ideas and sending a message through images and sound, so in my opinion this work has all of those things to be taken as an animation, in its own way. There is a deep concept under this video, and I think it delivers proporly to the audience. You dont need 30 frames per sec to have a good animation...

I really love your videos man, I can relate to many things you said.

I am absolutly stunned by your animation. Usually I don't give any intrest to a movie if the quality of the drawings are not good enough, but you sir managed to capture a lot of emotions with some great music running on the background. Many feelings where portrayed on every scene, and even the slow motion made it look like a profesional video clip.

Awesome work

I have to watch this again...

Poor Flora!

She must be so disturbed! and its kinda sad to see her dream fail so bad.
Good animation
Great voice acting!

I beg you

...please give that poor girl a good ending!
I'm sorry I just can't take it....

I create beautiful tragedies

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